About Bioinspirada

Bioinspirada presents you with links between everyday life, technology and natural adaptations, accompanied by images that spark your imagination.

In its Spanish version it is also a contribution to the broadcasting of Biomimicry in Spanish, and wants to help create greater awareness
about the importance of the biodiversity found in our territories.

Bioinspirada’s medium-term vision is to foster curiosity for nature-inspired design from childhood.
This is how Bioinspirada wants to contribute to promoting the care and research of nature in future generations.

About the creator of Bioinspirada

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Hi, I’m Elsa Magnolia Quicazán-Rubio. I was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia. There it began my interest in Biomechanics and in teamwork between Biologists and Engineers to understand how animals move. This curiosity, which was first in hummingbird flight, led me to live in California, in the United States. Later, my curiosity about fish swimming led me to live in Wageningen and Groningen, both in The Netherlands.

I was fortunate to learn about Biomimicry thanks to Melina Ángel, the pioneer of the subject in Colombia and who opened my eyes to see nature as a teacher.

Many of the innovations inspired by nature are based on research in Biomechanics. This has brought me closer and closer to Biomimicry and at Bioinspirada I take advantage of my interdisciplinary training to tell you about the innovations from my particular point of view.

On the other hand, this is the first time that I show myself not only as a scientist, but also as an artist, a different facet of my life, which I had saved mainly for my family and close friends. At the end of 2019 I went “public” as an artist with my Instagram account, https://www.instagram.com/bioinspirada/

I love to represent nature in a fun and different way, showing some details that may not have caught our attention before.


Ph.D. in Animal Sciences. Wageningen University and Research. The Netherlands. Experimental Zoology Group.

Video of PhD defense

M.Sc. in Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology. University of California Riverside. USA. Altshuler Lab (Now at UBC).

B.Sc. in Biology. Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Colombia.

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Since I can remember I have enjoyed creating objects and illustrations that represent my real and imaginary world.

I took Art classes inside and outside the National University during my undergraduate degree in Biology. And I worked as a volunteer at Colombia en Hechos in Islas del Rosario, Colombia, teaching illustration to local artisans-fishermen. Illustrating with them, with the sea nearby was incredible. Sometimes one of them composed Champeta while he illustrated. It was a very inspiring experience.

In 2019, my doctoral thesis cover, which I illustrated, was chosen as one of the top 10 by Wageningen University for that year. https://resource.wur.nl/en/show/Coverprice-2019-vote-now.htm

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  • Pez embarazada. Pregnant fish