Fish futuristic. Pez futurista

Welcome to Bioinspirada
where I share how I feel nature
from Science and Art, and where I explore Data Analytics as a tool to understand and communicate about our relationship with the environment.

As an inhabitant of this wonderful planet I have also received the call to make peace with the rest of nature. And science, art, and data analytics are primary tools in this endeavor. But they are not the only ones, because this is a challenge that calls for all disciplines and knowledges.

Bioinspirada is one of the ways in which I contribute to making visible the nature that surrounds us, the ideas that it offers us, and the relationships that we have with it.


Porcupine in pink

Porcupine in Pink

When it comes to drawing, one of the freedoms we have is the color palette that we can use. So,…
Porcupine in rainbow colors

Rainbow Porcupine

Porcupines are curious animals to me: pointy on top and fluffy on the bottom, much like its similar looking group,…

Elsa Magnolia Quicazán-Rubio

Hi, I am the creator of Bioinspirada. I hold a Masters and a PhD in Biology-Biomechanics, and a Certification in Data Science.

I am also an Artist and a Content Creator.