Fish futuristic. Pez futurista

Welcome to Bioinspirada
where I share how I feel nature
from Science and Art.

As an inhabitant of this wonderful planet I have also received the call to make peace with the rest of nature. And science and art are two primary tools in this endeavor. But they are not the only ones, because this is a challenge that calls for all disciplines and knowledges.

Bioinspirada is one of the ways in which I contribute to making the nature that surrounds us and the ideas that it gives us visible.

Lately in Bioinspirada

In this article you will learn more about how Science and Art influence the creation of Bioinspirada.
Diplomado Pensamiento Sostenilble
Biomimicry in the Diploma of Sustainable Thinking of the EAN University, in the Bioinspirada style.

Pleco fish

Christmas Pleco Fish

This Christmas Pleco was inspired by a Pterygoplichthys sp. I painted it green and red because of Christmas 馃巹馃槈 Watercolor…

Colorful roots

After a while of moving between countries, cities and houses, I felt the urge to draw my roots. So I…

Elsa Magnolia Quicaz谩n-Rubio

Hi, I am the creator of Bioinspirada. I hold a Masters and a PhD in Biology-Biomechanics.

I am also an Artist and a Science Communicator.