How to embed a Power BI dashboard in WordPress using blocks (no extra plugging needed)

Learn how to embed a Power BI dashboard in a WordPress webpage

1. The reason why I learned this method

I am learning Power BI and realized that to share my dashboards I needed to circumvent a program restriction: my current plan allows me to share my work only with other Power BI users. So, I did some research and learned that I can share my dashboards on webpages as shown in this video by Dan Buskirk from Learning Tree International. And with the current characteristics of WordPress, I can use the blocks “HTML” or “Shortcode” indistinctly to finish placing my dashboard in my WordPress website. The most important feature of this method is that the dashboards keep their interactivity.

2. The steps to embed the dashboard in your webpage

After you’ve finished creating your dashboard in Power BI desktop, follow the steps in the images below.

Note: In a PC or tablet: use the side arrows to move forward and backward.
In a mobile phone: swipe right and left. You can pause the slides at anytime by pressing the pausing button that is at the top right of the slides.

  • Embed PowerBI in WordPress
  • Embed PowerBI in WordPress

3. The look of your dashboard in your webpage

Once you’ve followed the embedding steps, your dashboard will look something like this one and will retain its interactivity:

Using The “HTML” block:

Using The “Shortcode” block:

To check its functionality, go ahead and:

  • hover with your mouse over the different graphs to see relevant values, and then,
  • click on different places on the graphs, and you will see the values changing depending on the areas you click on.
  • To view it in full screen, press the lower right double arrow.

Although I shared a one-page dashboard in this example, it works the same for multi-page dashboards.

I hope this tutorial is useful to you!

By: Elsa Magnolia Quicazán-Rubio

Software: Power BI, WordPress

Difficulty: easy

Databases: Provided by an online course

Category: tutorial, visualization